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For more than 72 years, hundreds of boys have joined the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus and, as a result, their lives have been greatly enriched. All young men between the ages of eight and eleven who have an interest in music are encouraged to try it out. Members of the Chorus receive a quality choral and music education and demonstrate their talent by participating in a variety of performances. But that is only the beginning!

Being a member of the Chorus is fun! Choristers develop a sense of camaraderie with other boys the same age and form new and lasting friendships. Participation in the Chorus includes regular rehearsals, a challenging trick rodeo-roping program, and the excitement of our annual summer music camp. The Chorus offers many unique performance venues for each of the three Chorus levels. Extensive travel opportunities are available to those who advance to become members of the Touring Chorus.

Daily activities at Summer Music Camp include music rehearsals and roping practices, arts and crafts, hikes, games, swimming, and volleyball. The camp experience also promotes music development and camaraderie amongst choristers.

Auditions are held three times a year, in spring, summer and winter. The open enrollment process is designed to see if a boy has the ability to match pitch. There is no need to prepare any materials and a music background, while helpful, is not a pre-requisite.

An interview may also be arranged by special appointment. Please fill out the on-line pre-audition form or register by calling the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus at 296-6277.

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