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Winter 2000

TABC alumnus Brent Davis grants $10,000 to the Chorus

Alumni Spotlight: Former Ambassador Curtis Kamman & Editor Jon Kamman



TABC alumnus Brent Davis grants $10,000 to the Chorus

When alumnus Brent Davis looks back on events that have shaped his life, his experience with the Tucson Boys Chorus ranks in the top ten. As a tribute, Davis recently donated $10,000 to the Chorus. "An occasion arose where I had the opportunity to make a donation," Davis said, "I chose to benefit the Chorus because it has helped me in so many ways."

Brent joined the Chorus at age nine under then-director John S Davis. He recalls advancing through to the Touring Chorus. After travelling on two domestic tours and one American-Canadian tour, Davis graduated from the Chorus at age 14. He has remained involved with the Chorus, working as a camp counselor for the past decade.

Davis, now 34, holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Grand Canyon State University. He is a network specialist team leader at the Honeywell Corporation in Phoenix. "The Chorus had a strong impact on my life," Davis said. "It helped shape who I am today by instilling a life-long sense of responsibility which, I believe, has been valuable to me to this day."

TABC director Julian Ackerley, acknowledging the largest private donation by an alumnus in recent Chorus history, said that Brent’s financial contribution is matched by his continuing involvement with the boys at camp. "Brent instills in his campers the same sense of responsibility he carries with him," Dr Ackerley said. "We are grateful not only for his financial contribution, but for sharing with a new generation of choristers his enthusiasm for the Chorus."

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